There’re dozens of jewelry stores on AliExpress who sell real pearl necklaces. But only a few ones who sell freshwater pearl jewelry sell well. I studied their selling products’ designs, prices and customers’ photo shows, I found they sell well mainly because their prices are fair. Other jewelry sellers are cheating on their prices. For example, the pearl ring they sell for $100 may only be worth $5. What a cheat!

As for seawater pearl jewelry, there’re indeed a few AliExpress jewelry sellers who are selling and their published product photos are really attractive, BUT, the prices are all too high. And from my personal and a bit professional experiences, they’re not professional at seawater pearls. They just want to earn a big amount of money by cheating foreign buyers. Actually speaking, I didn’t find one good while professional seawater pearl seller on AliExpress!

 The below 8 AliExpress freshwater pearl jewelry sellers are the best ones on AliExpress till now!

Best AliExpress Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Sellers

(Store name, Store link)

Freshwater pearls are very very cheap in China. There’re many water rich areas that produce large quantities of freshwater pearls. I once visited Beihai and bought a very good freshwater necklace (8mm-8.5mm, near round, white/pink, near clear) only with $20. I didn’t bargain over the price with the local seller since I was already satisfied with the result.

Here is another AliExpress pearl jewelry seller I want to strongly recommend, Yuansheng Pearls Store.

It’s the only AliExpress pearl jewelry store which is good at selling both freshwater and seawater pearl jewelry.

Yuansheng is also a popular jewelry brand sells well in China.

Yuansheng Pearls Store link:

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